Ice-creams and sunshine…

I always love working through the winter and spring, having to battle the elements and be flexible due to the ever changeable British weather!  During the weeks before shoots I can spend hours refreshing my weather app, and doing silent salutations to the sun…

BUT….not this weekend just gone!

We were blessed with a glorious  warm sunny day that was made better by the fact I got to meet the most delicious and fun family. I walked into a beautiful and welcoming  home, I was greeted by some very chilled parents and then …then I met the cub-let. She was beautiful. She was charming. She was enthusiastic, bi-lingual and incredible, incredibly defiant – but when she smiled…….the whole world smiled with her.

We had the most wonderful day! Photos and games at home, a car race to KEW GARDENS, ice-cream and photos in the gardens, and so it continued. When it came to leaving I felt sad, I felt I had connected on lots of levels with every member of this family, and I was given the biggest compliment. I was told that “They never once felt I was there as a photographer, that they had just enjoyed a typical sunday morning…just with a new friend!!“. Well, I smiled the whole way home, and I smiled once again going through their photos…..I hope to BORROW some more MOMENTS for you all soon. Until then……

All my love,


Pip xxx



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